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Get Excited About Life Again

July 30, 2021

Get excited about your cerebellum. Wait, what? If we are really to harness the power of our brain, we must also understand the systems running behind the scenes so we can train them to their optimal capacity. Classically thought to be only for motor coordination and balance, the cerebellum is now recognized as a driver […]

Mental Wellbeing As We Transition to Our New Normal

July 30, 2021

As people across the country are getting vaccinated and the economy is starting to re-open after a long hiatus, many people are beginning to wonder what our new normal would look like. Some might be excited to pick up where they left off, while others may be hesitant or anxious to return to the busyness […]

The Fix: Own Your Brain

April 03, 2018

The Danger of Assuming Potential Experience The fundamental issue we are all facing is the assumption we make about our potential. We think we have this massive amount of potential and, whether that is true or not, the assumption of it is not helpful in attempting to actualize it. In assuming that anything is unlimited, […]