Building your dream practice?

We’ve been there. We have an abundant vision for a dream practice, a dream so big it almost hurts. We are moved by the human connection, by meeting people face to face, sitting with vulnerability and discomfort, creating a safe space for growth, and helping someone find their way back to health, their life, and their dream.

Then the obstacles start to appear. The financial risk of a brick and mortar practice. The cost of your time spent on administration and maintenance that take you away from time with your clients. The loneliness and isolation of a solo practitioner or worse feeling like you are compromising your truth by operating in a clinical setting that does not allow you to lead your practice or be who you need to be for your ideal client.

What if there was another way?

What if you collaborated with a team of practitioners who truly believed in your success. An environment where you are celebrated for being exactly who you are and the ability to lead your practice without compromise.

What if you could leverage your time and energy, leverage your network, leverage technology and grow as big as you want to and still have the space to help people face to face with the support you need to make your office hours successful?

If you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with amazing people.

My name is Dr. Erin Wiley. I am a naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, and executive health leader. I opened my first integrative clinic, 12 years ago, when I was 28 years old, and have never looked back. My passion has always been integrative medicine, collaboration and problem-solving. I come to the table with my team to push the limits of collaborative healthcare for the dynamic people of downtown Toronto.

I work with mission-driven practitioners who are looking to build their own practice with the leverage of their community. I am not afraid of how strong you are. Your success is our success. We have a track record of amazing leaders in the industry who have launched their careers on our platform including Meghan Walker, Marc Bubbs, Lisa Watson, and Jen Newell.

The Integrative Health Institute is a platform for clinical success. It has been four years since we have been able to open our doors to a new team member. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how far we can grow together.

If you have a message, we have a microphone. If you have a dream, we have a track record for turning that dream into a reality.

This is not a job offer. I am not your boss. I am your partner, your coach and the captain of our team.

This is what you need to do.

  1. Send us a 5-minute video introduction, so we can decide if you are the right fit for our team. Tell us your story and let us fall in love with your vision for your practice. Load it up to Vimeo or YouTube and send us the link.


  1. Layout your practice by answering the following questions:
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What problems do you solve for your ideal client in their words?
  • What are the ingredients for a successful practice in downtown Toronto?
  • What role would you play on our team and how do you collaborate with others?
  • We believe that great health empowers authentic living. How would you help us further this mission?
  • How many office hours per week do you need and what days are you available? Office hours are only for billable client time. Please list any limitations.
  • Is there special equipment required for treatment that we should know about.
  • What is your fee schedule?
  1. Show us your social proof. Send in a sample of your outreach. This might include your website, podcast interviews, articles you have written or social media posts/platforms.

Send all three items to with the subject line “I’m in”

It’s not too late to build the practice of your dreams.



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