About the Integrative Health Institute

The Integrative Health Institute (IHI) is a modern and dynamic clinic, founded in naturopathic philosophy and embodying team-driven healthcare. Established in 2008, IHI reflects a vision to create an urban health centre that is driven by a team of practitioners passionate about health promotion and illness prevention. Since its inception, IHI has grown to become a full service integrative health clinic, with more than 9 practitioners including naturopathic doctors, osteopathic & chiropractic doctors, massage therapists, counsellors and nutritional/lifestyle coaches. IHI practitioners strive to operate as a true integrative medical team. Regardless of who you are working with, your clinicians will interact and communicate directly and strategically about your health. This model provides not only the convenience of centrally located practitioners, but more importantly, ensures that you receive true integrative care, drawing from the best of traditional and complimentary medical philosophies.

Just as important as the care you receive, the IHI space was designed to be equally warm and comforting. With four treatment rooms, an IV Therapy suite and a fireplace-clad studio for classes and seminars, there is a steady bustle of city dwellers moving seamlessly in and out of their respective appointments. The waiting room itself feels more like a sanctuary than a busy hub of activity. We strive to provide a place where people come to gain an empowered perspective on health, and a proactive approach to living your best life. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Our Therapeutic Philosophy

Integrative medicine is an innovative approach to providing comprehensive, patient-centric care. It’s implementation involves working with a clinical team to deliver specialized and complementary therapies to patients. Integrative medicine requires the collaborative contribution of both traditional and complementary practitioners to ensure that medical services are delivered from a common philosophy and respect for heath promotion.

Balancing effective patient care with many paradigms of treatment is a challenging endeavor, but one that has become increasingly important to educated health care consumers. The integrative approach at IHI is based on a truly collaborative model of patient care. It is founded on the premise of open and constructive communication between practitioners regarding all aspects of a patient’s health. It involves providing patients with access to varied medical philosophies and practitioners who share a common vision for integration based on three prerequisites. These include: a common theory and understanding of illness and the functional understanding of the factors that may play a role in its occurrence, a framework within which to assess and apply therapeutic interventions and a willingness of all practitioners and their patients to explore different healing paradigms.

The Integrative Health Institute endeavors to combine the science of sound medical knowledge with the intuition and creative thinking that embodies the art of medicine. We work collaboratively with our clients to find solutions that address the cause of their concerns.


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