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Welcome to Integrative Health Institute

IHI is one of downtown Toronto’s leading integrative health clinics, located in the historic King East neighbourhood. We believe that great health enables empowered authentic living. Our team of experienced practitioners are dedicated to listening to you, understanding your needs and providing you with the comprehensive health resources you need to succeed.

The most powerful influence on your health is YOU. Join us and let’s discover your health potential.

We are open with new procedures and safety regulations.

The health of our clients, our staff, and our practitioners is of the utmost importance to us. We have worked very hard to implement appropriate safety precautions and comply with the guidelines set by the regulatory colleges for each of our practitioners.

Please know that safety is an ongoing process that requires consistent monitoring and cooperation. Part of the process is communication. The purpose of this message is to communicate the information that you need to know before booking your appointment.

  1. Services available in person

The following services are available in person, in clinic, because they cannot be performed online:

Massage Therapy


Pelvic Physio & Physio

Athletic Therapy


IV Therapy

  1. Services available virtually, either online or by phone

The following services are available virtually, either online or by phone:

Naturopathic Medicine



For safety, we are working to minimize contact and reduce the number of people in our physical space. All services that can be performed virtually will remain. However, your practitioner may request an in person appointment when physical examination and testing is required.

  1. How do I schedule my appointment?

Online booking is available for all appointments, with the exception of IV therapy. You can access our booking site here: https://ihi.janeapp.com/

If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the care you need please contact reception at 416-260-6038 and we will work to support you.

  1. What you need to do to prepare for an in-person appointment.


For our mutual health, physical entry into the clinic is limited to pre-screened appointments only. Our regulations require a double screening process prior to entry: you will be screened once over the phone the day before your appointment and again on physical entry into the clinic.

Here is a link that will help you understand what you will be asked: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/coronavirus/docs/2019_patient_screening_guidance.pdf

You will be contacted by your practitioner and asked to complete a COVID screening questionnaire the day before your scheduled appointment. If you do not pass the screen you will be required to delay your appointment and contact Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) for directions. Your practitioner will support you through this process.

Prevention and Infection Control

Please wear a mask to clinic. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you on entry.

Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. For safety, access to the clinic is restricted. We will meet you at the 2nd floor front door and you will be escorted into the clinic by your practitioner at your appointment time.

On entry into the clinic you will be asked to:

  • Use the hand sanitizer provided
  • Take your temperature
  • Complete your 2nd COVID 19 Screen
  • Record your name and phone number for contact tracing (optional).

A COVID Screening assessment must be completed before entry into clinic. If you have symptoms you will need to delay your visit and follow directions from public health.

For contact tracing purposes, we will be collecting the name and phone number of every person entering the clinic. This information will be used by public health to contact you in the case of a COVID positive potential contact. You have the right to decline this data collection.

Contactless Reception

To help manage infection risk, we have removed the need for physical contact with our reception team. You will no longer need to wait in line at the reception desk to pay for treatment or schedule your next appointment.

All payments can be made through our automated system. You can enter your payment information into your patient profile here. Your payment will be processed by our system after your visit.

To decrease contact, we have removed paper receipts. You will receive an electronic receipt for your appointment. Your receipt will be sent to the email attached to your patient profile. You can use it to submit your claim to your insurance company.

Scheduling your next appointment can be completed by your practitioner after your visit or completed from the comfort of your home anytime using our online system.

Should any of these safety precautions or automations prevent you from accessing care. Please contact reception and we will do whatever we can to remove barriers to your access.

Fee For Service and Appointment Length

With new guidelines for screening, PPE and infection control protocols in place, the cost for in person care has increased and the length of your appointment may have changed in some cases. Our fee schedule and appointment length is posted on our online booking system.

We will do whatever we can to support you and thank you for your understanding regarding the necessary safety changes.

Comfort Measures

Please bring personal items that will help you support your personal comfort while in clinic. We recommend bringing your own water bottle and small blanket for massage therapy.

Infection control requirements limit what we are able to provide. Your therapist will review comfort items with you during your virtual screening assessment.


Our reception team is available by phone from 10am -5pm daily and you are welcome to schedule a “discovery call” with your practitioner if you have questions about your safety, comfort or treatment.

  1. Can I bring a support person to my in-person visit?

Our regulations limit access to essential visitors only. If you are a support person or caregiver for a client, you may attend, however, you will be screened before entry and your contact information will be recorded for tracing purposes. If you do not need to enter the clinic we ask you to avoid entry.

2. How do I access my supplements?

We will continue to offer curb-side pick-up of supplements or online orders through Full Script.

Contact us by phone at 416-260-6038 and we arrange access to the supplements you need.

3. What else are we doing to keep each other safe.

We have completed detailed training in the new ministry guidelines and professional regulations that support safety for all clients, practitioners, and staff.

We have sourced the personal protective equipment necessary to safely offer care.

We continue to use hospital-grade cleaning supplies and have increased our cleaning protocols and completed our risk assessment to ensure we are reducing our risk where possible.

We are recommending that you access care online wherever technology will allow.

We have adjusted our schedule to limit the number of people present in the clinic at any time.

We have adjusted our waiting room to allow for social distance.

4. Changes to our team and access to your practitioner.

The pandemic has shifted the lives of many in our community, and we are sensitive to these changes.

For a variety of personal reasons some of our practitioners are not yet able to return to work, some have needed to shift their life direction, and some are doing their best to return slowly and safely.

We are sensitive to the needs of everyone in our community that makes the work we do possible. We are working as a team to ensure you have access to the care you need.

We will continue to update our online booking system as practitioners are able to increase their treatment hours and return to capacity over the coming months.

If you require care that is not available online please contact reception and we will do our best to coordinate support.

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