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5 tips for getting through the Winter blahs

February 04, 2019

By: Heather Lillico, Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Instructor As the cold sets in and the months of blah ensue, it’s time to take stock of your mood. Check in with yourself, has the weather affected your attitude? I notice a difference BIG TIME! Usually around mid February my mood starts to dip and I never […]

Fall Forward Recipe: Carrot Orange Soup

September 22, 2014

By Jesse Lane Schelew, BSc, CNP Carrot Orange Soup is a fresh and creamy soup that will warm you up on a chilly day. This soup is made with coconut milk which gives it a silky texture without any dairy. It also contains tangy orange juice and warming ginger. It makes a perfect pack and […]

Recipes for a Summer of Health: Tortilla Soup

August 11, 2014

We have asked our foodie and nutrition friends to share their recipes to keep your health and wellness goals on track all summer long! This wonderful Tortilla Soup recipe comes courtesy of the Hacienda del Sol. Tortilla Soup 2 large tomatoes 3-4 cups potassium broth 1 red pepper 3 cloves garlic ½ cup sundried tomatoes […]

The Astounding Medicinal Properties of…Chicken Soup

February 25, 2013

By Dr. Lisa Watson ND We are deep into another Canadian cold and flu season and everyone is looking for ways to feel better.  Well look no further than your pantry, the cure you’re looking for may be chicken soup. With over 100 different viruses that can cause the common cold it’s not surprising that […]