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Therapeutic Touch

December 07, 2015

  By Nancy Brooks, BMusA, Art.Dip., RMT When a registered massage therapist lays their hands on you, you know it. The healing power of touch has been proven by study after study. Why do it? It’s a powerful experience. One in which YOU, the patient are in control. Yes. Many people shy away from using their […]

Physical Restoration Through Breathing and Mindful Movement

August 10, 2015

By: Odette Oliver, RMT In our fast paced world the ‘energy’, the ‘buzz’ our cities create have led us to set our goals very high for everything; but the stress of our work, and our play, is slowly taking its toll. We rush around with heads down, eat while on the move, constantly check or […]

Pilates: An Approach for Low Back Pain

January 05, 2015

By Yvette Marcek, Pilates Instructor, RMT Current studies continue to show that low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, with the majority of cases considered ‘nonspecific’ low back pain. Many experts are suggesting that core strength (abdominal muscles, muscles of the low back, pelvic floor and hips) and flexibility are important to […]

Do Your Boobs Hang Low?

October 27, 2014

By Nancy J. Brooks, RMT I’d like to invite you to consider how much you support your girls… your boobs!!! From my experience as an RMT, the amount of support from your bra that you give your girls is directly related to the amount of tension in your back, neck and shoulder muscles. If you […]

Salt it up in an Epsom Bath – your stressed muscles will thank you!

May 26, 2014

By Nancy Brooks, BMusA, Art.Dip., RMT Soaking in a bath with Epsom salts is a relaxing way to increase your levels of magnesium and sulfate, a time-tested pairing known for easing tired muscles. A naturally occurring mineral from a spring in the southeast English town of Epsom, the salts offer a passive self-care option for the […]

Heart Disease and Massage Therapy

February 18, 2014

  By Melanie Gillians, RMT I bet you weren’t aware that massage therapy is different for people with heart disease. Heart disease is a group of conditions affecting the structure and functions of the heart and has many root causes. Some examples of heart disease are: Hypertension (high blood pressure), Angina, Congestive Cardiac Failure, and […]

Battling Seasonal Stress with Massage Therapy

December 16, 2013

By Melanie Gillians, RMT It’s that time of year again: the winter chill is here, the holiday parties are coming out the wazoo and everyone wants to get together to eat, drink, and be merry. No matter who you are, what you do, or what kind of lifestyle you lead; this time of year is […]

Heat Lovers Massage: Hot Stone Massage Therapy

December 02, 2013

By Christina Gouveia, RMT As the cold wintery weather arrives, Hot Stone massage in combination with massage becomes a double hot commodity!   What is it? Basalt hot stone massage therapy is a traditional relaxation massage with the added bonus of warmed basalt stones!! This heat lovers massage treatment enhances the circulation and relaxation benefits […]

Breast Massage: What You Need to Know

October 09, 2013

By Amanda Mroz RMT Breast massage plays an important role in breast health and is a therapeutic treatment within the scope of practice of Registered Massage Therapists that encourages circulation and lymphatic drainage.  Sadly, our society’s general attitude towards breast massage is still very much ‘oh, that sounds intimate.’  Well, it’s not. It’s high time […]