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Turning off Auto-Pilot

October 07, 2013

Turning off Auto-Pilot By Rachel Girardi Do you ever get into the car after work, start to drive and before you know it you’re home, but can’t remember any part of the drive along the way? You know your route and your body just goes into auto-pilot and gets you there. It’s a well established […]

Simplicity in Fitness

April 29, 2013

By Rachel Girardi Everyday we come across advertisements and promotions from Big Box gyms, infomercials and celebrities telling us that we need to try their latest fitness product. It’s new. It’s innovative. It’s never been done before. Why is it that we automatically perceive new as better? What is so special about that particular workout […]

Lunch in a Jar: Spicy Taco Salad

April 25, 2013

By: Rachel Girardi We all know the health value of a good quality salad. If it’s made right it can be nutritious, low in calories, high in protein and good fats and above all: delicious!  But there are three main issues that I hear from people when I ask them why they don’t bring salads […]