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An Open Letter To My Pre-Natal Vagina

August 30, 2019

In keeping with the trend to give advice to our younger selves, I want to do the same for my vagina. Dear Pre-Natal Vagina, You are beautiful, magnificent, strong, resilient, and tough AF.  You likely don’t realize your potential to do great things yet.  Much like every other part of our youthful body, you work […]


April 01, 2019

“Ok, this is good…….Nope, too far left now….I’ll just twist my hips to the right…noooo, don’t move in the opposite direction…ughWait….closer…yes…ok this feels good….I think I could get there like this….          *elapsed time 36 seconds This is taking too long…I don’t know if this….Oh there…yes there…more like that…so close…shit…off again…Maybe I just say “your […]

The Pelvic Floor: Finding Empowerment in Vulnerability

September 12, 2016

By Shannon Stoby There is a sense of vulnerability that comes with injury and illness. The sense of invincibility is gone and, as we put our recovery in the hands of health care professionals, it may feel like we’ve lost control of our lives. This can be the case in any health-related scenario, but there […]

Confidence Over Incontinence—The Role of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

January 04, 2016

By: Shannon Stoby, PT, MScPT Being in control is comforting. Things are safe and predictable. We know what’s going to happen. We’ve got this. Any health issue can challenge our idea of the control we think we have, but perhaps the body’s most glaring indication of the lack of control is incontinence. Whether a woman […]

Ladies, your don’t have to wet your pants…

June 10, 2013

        “It happens to me,” “it happens to me,” “it happens to me too.” These happy, athletic, female stars of a feminine hygiene commercial could be you or I. There is nothing on the outside that would suggest that these otherwise normal, busy mothers secretly experience LBL or light bladder leakage.  LBL […]