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Promoting Male Fertility: Information for the Architects of Future Generations

January 31, 2014

By Erin Wiley ND Far too often in our society fertility is more commonly considered a female responsibility. When couples are trying to conceive, women are more likely to seek medical attention than their male partners. This scenario can be problematic since the health of both the sperm and the egg are vital to healthy […]

Andropause- Hormone balance for men!

February 11, 2013

 By Dr. Erin Wiley With the 30s fast becoming the new 20s, you may be thinking about the road ahead. Many of us consider our financial plans but have you planned for the “Pause”? Most men age 45-55 will experience some symptoms of Andropause or [P]ADAM: partial androgen deficiency of the aging male. According to […]

Men, meditation and the warrior within

November 26, 2012

By: Michael Apollo In honor of this months focus on men’s health it’s worth exploring some new ways in approaching ourselves and the environment around us. And, because we’re men, exploring the warrior seems a good start. Meditation has been used by martial art traditions around the world as the highest form of training – […]