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Heat Lovers Massage: Hot Stone Massage Therapy

December 02, 2013

By Christina Gouveia, RMT As the cold wintery weather arrives, Hot Stone massage in combination with massage becomes a double hot commodity!   What is it? Basalt hot stone massage therapy is a traditional relaxation massage with the added bonus of warmed basalt stones!! This heat lovers massage treatment enhances the circulation and relaxation benefits […]

Looking for serious pain relief? Try Massage Therapy

April 01, 2013

By Christina Gouveia, RMT As if any of us needed a further reason to book a massage. Canadian researchers have just published important evidence to support the notion that massage therapy has the same therapeutic benefit as pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories in the management of chronic pain. This new evidence supports what many of us as Registered […]

Pain in the Face

January 28, 2013

By: Christina Gouveia, RMT Do you grind your teeth when sleeping?  Does your jaw “click” or “pop”?  Has your dentist prescribed a mouth guard for you?  Does your jaw feel tight?  If you are nodding yes to any of those questions, consider a TMJ massage – a what? Temporomandibular joint massage – a jaw massage!  […]

Post Holiday Neck Tension

January 09, 2013

By Christina Gouveia RMT How has the holiday season left you feeling? Tension in your neck and shoulders? Hunching over due to this cold wintery weather? Massage therapy can certainly help! If you are feeling as though your shoulders are up close to your ears and headaches are a common occurrence this time of year, […]