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An Open Letter To My Pre-Natal Vagina

August 30, 2019

In keeping with the trend to give advice to our younger selves, I want to do the same for my vagina. Dear Pre-Natal Vagina, You are beautiful, magnificent, strong, resilient, and tough AF.  You likely don’t realize your potential to do great things yet.  Much like every other part of our youthful body, you work […]

Pre-birth Acupuncture: A Proactive Approach to a Happy and Healthy Labour!

June 13, 2016

A Proactive Approach to a Happy and Healthy Labour! By Jonathan Handel Acupuncture is a great tool for many concerns that women have during their pregnancies. In recent years acupuncture has been gaining more and more recognition for its ability to help expectant mothers maintain optimal health and quality of life in a way that […]

Nourishing Faith in Your Pregnant Self

June 30, 2014

by Crescence Krueger, BA It’s common knowledge that a major factor in realizing a healthy outcome for yourself and your baby is determined by something quite simple: what you eat. When the time is right, a well-nourished body has the power to bring new, strong life into the world. What is much less recognized is […]