October 29, 2012

By Dr. Meghan Walker ND

Stress. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we all have it. There is good stress, bad stress, self-imposed stress, angry stress and short-of-breath

kind of stress. No matter which way you cut it, stress impacts all of us, albeit differently. I have found it fascinating in my own practice, to observe the spectrum of responses to addressing and acknowledging stress. At one end are those who are fully aware of the role that stress is playing in their lives. There is anxiety, headaches and palpable muscle tension… stress is there and it is not shy to make itself known. At the other end of the stress continuum are those who “don’t feel stressed” but are silently prone to hypertension and chronic digestive disturbances. Regardless of where you would place yourself on the landscape of stressful manifestations, it is important to take an inventory of how stress is impacting your life and physical well-being.

There is little debate among medical experts that stress is appropriately listed as the single biggest factor in the development and perpetuation of chronic disease. Knowing that you have stress is the easy part for most of us, knowing what to do with it represents an epic-worthy life-challenge for the rest. While there are many ingredients that come together to help support your system through a stressful period, (B-complex, botanical remedies, meditation, exercise or best yet, a massage), aligning these options into the appropriate therapeutic context is what defines a lifestyle management philosophy distinguished in its capacity to get you through the day. When we work with clients, our goal is not necessarily to remove their stress, but to provide a reliable psychological and biochemical platform upon which they can take on their lives… and shine while doing so.

We like to think of IHI as a refuge from the stress-hurricane of life. Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, raising your family or enjoying your retirement, I challenge you to get to know our practitioners and supportive programs – among them you will find the person or class you need to you as you climb towards your goal of honest, authentic and successful living.

Best wishes for a fruitful fall.

The Integrative Health Institute is located downtown Toronto at the corner of King and Sherbourne St.

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