seminarsOur practitioners are experienced and knowledgeable; we are dedicated to evidence based medicine and advancing our clinical experience. We want to share what we have learned with you and most importantly we want to have some fun. Knowledge is power. Come and join us for an interactive learning experience.

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Virtual Brainfullness Launch Party – Thursday October 1st at 7pm

You are invited…

The Brainfullness (Virtual) Launch Party

We are all under-educated about our brains, which leads to confusion and medicalization of many of our common struggles. In our attention economy we must learn to be our own gate-keeper and container, optimizing our intuitive intelligence.

Whether you find yourself suffering with pain or stress, feeling stuck or overwhelmed, you will gain useful insights into how to take action on your goals in a holistic manner.

It can be exhausting, but this is an outcome-based approach to seeing a shift in your physiological state. Teaching you to reset and level-up in a meaningful and user-friendly way.

This is an invitation to create a feedback loop to improve your decision-making. Where you can make sense of where you are, maintain sovereignty over where you are going, and learn how to go back to your basecamp when it all feels like it is too much.

Brainfullness is the tool. You are the teacher. Find out how. October 1, 2020. 7:00pm.

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