Regain your Confidence in the Gym!

January 27, 2016


By: Amy Dryden, Personal Trainer
As a personal trainer I have witnessed some ridiculous trends and de-mythed a number of stories. Over the years one thing has stayed consistent; women’s lack of confidence when it comes to the gym. When form and technique come into play people seem to avoid trying what they interpret as complex exercises but they are not so complex once you understand them.

Why weight train?
Speeds metabolism and will help you lose fat: When you strength train, especially large muscles, your body needs to work long after the workout to repair those muscles. What that means is that you’re burning more calories than you would just doing cardio. More muscle equals more calories burned at rest
Improve mood and hormone levels: Strength training will increase growth hormone, and help regulate cortisol levels. Growth hormone can help build muscles and enable the body to efficiently burn more fat. Cortisol can be a negative product of stress and can cause fat storage, however with proper nutrition and sleep in addition to exercise you can better regulate your cortisol levels. Lower levels of cortisol will improve your mood and eliminate the fat stored on your mid-section. Endorphins are another great benefit to exercise and weight training which make you feel good and ready to take on more!
Decrease your chances of osteoporosis: Increasing the amount of weight lifted, especially on large muscles groups (they can handle the most) can stimulate bone growth. High-impact, weight bearing exercise has been shown to combat the onset of osteoporosis, which is a very common and serious issue, especially for women.

How to get started
Do some research: There are so many great tools to help you get a better understanding of proper strength training form and technique. You can find exercise explanations on youtube, download fitness apps, or just search strength training on pinterest. Just be sure that you start basic and build up. Links to some of my favourite online tools will be added.
Keep it simple: Start by focusing on one area, weather that be bodyweight exercises, cable machine, or dumbbells. You can easily get overwhelmed with all that is out there so set a goal to focus on one area.
Bring a trusted friend: Two minds are always better than one and they can also hold you more accountable to your plan. You can help motivate each other and take turns planning the workouts.
Hire a personal trainer or join a fitness class: If you want a safe, effective, and efficient workout a personal trainer or fitness instructor are educated professionals who understand how the body works and how to create an impactful workout. A great trainer will take all the worry out of your workout and help you achieve your goals faster!

Always remind yourself of your end goal! Focusing on what you want will help you achieve your goals. It will be hard work but don’t get lost in the details, your health is important and you can do anything you set your mind to.

Fitness apps: Nike+, Nike+ training club, Fitocracy, Sworkit
Fitness professionals: Gray Cook, Jillian Michaels, Cassey Ho
Youtube/Pinterest: Search beginner workouts – nothing with the word insanity or extreme please

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