Kicking sugar is probably the best thing you could do for yourself this year. So what is holding you back? We get it, the struggle is real, you are not alone. Sugar is a powerful drug, more addictive than cocaine, more detrimental to our health than smoking, and shockingly everywhere. Emotionally we might use it to soothe our pain and fill an empty tank, and socially we use it to celebrate and participate, making it hard to turn down. However, behind the sugar coated illusion of short term happiness is long term suffering. It’s time to lift the veil, free your mind, increase your energy, shed the pounds.

Join IHI’s Nutritionist Aly Shoom for a 4 Week (30 Day) Kick Sugar Group Program.

Class run for 4 weeks on Thursday evenings from 5:30p- 6:30p

Course breakdown:

Week 1: Breaking the insulin cycle, cleaning your kitchen, rebuilding your pantry. Learn to read labels identify sugar and carbohydrates in your diet. Understanding your low carb meal plan.

Week 2: The power of Protein. Balance your hormones and curb emotional eating.

Week 3: Eat fat burn fat. Eat green get lean.

Week 4: Rebuilding the microbiome. Supporting healthy gut bacteria and the benefits of fiber.

Meal plan and recipes will be provided.


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Dates and Time

Class 1: Thursday April 6th 5:30-6:30p

Class 2: Thursday April 13th 5:30-6:30

Class 3: Thursday April 20th 5:30-6:30

Class 4: Thursday April 27th 5:30-6:30


Integrative Health Institute
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Toronto, ON M5A 2P7

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