October 01, 2018

Do you want to feel more productive? Many high achieving professionals are banking on the proven benefits of an ancient mind technology to balance the demands of a successful professional life while staying productive and competitive. This technique even helps to manage their stress and increase wellbeing. Business coaches, counselling professionals and business leaders have been using it widely to tune individuals to optimal states of mind. What is that awesome technology? Mindfulness!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is emerging as one of the most effective tools for increasing or sustaining high productivity, preventing burnout, reducing pain, enhancing focus and achieving life and work clarity. Mindfulness was popularized by Dr. John Kabbat-Zinn for pain management and then has generalized in wellness circles.

Working with chronic pain sufferers, he was surprised when the practice of mindfulness helped his patients feel less pain. He defines mindfulness as a simple state of awareness, in the moment, and without judgment. This ability to redirect the mind to what we want to actually be doing has health benefits and can improve our productivity in noticeable ways.

Once you realize how easy it is to practice, it sounds unbelievable…and it actually works! In contemporary health care and counseling, mindfulness has been pared down to simple and effective exercises. Being mindful is a simple and effective set of practices that anyone can incorporate in one’s life with minimal effort.

Studies show that these exercises help the body turn off the stress response by engaging the parasympathetic system that naturally turns the stress response off. This has the effect of liberating practitioners to make sounder decisions and have more clarity.

Mindfulness Benefits

The benefits of this technology of the mind range from better focus and productivity to experiencing more calm and less stress. It draws from mind technologies practiced by Buddhist and other traditions, but without any religious element. Contemporary mindfulness training helps the nervous system learn how to notice when the mind is wandering and gently return it to a state of focus.

More ability to stay attentive results in better productivity. If you stay on track, you can finish things faster and with improved accuracy. Studies show that even after five days of mindfulness workshops, people notice a significant improvement in attention.

Progressive businesses are harnessing mindfulness to enhance the capacities of their employees and leadership. Aetna insurance, for example, found out that their employees gained a full hour of productivity when taking mindfulness workshops, all without drugs or chemicals! If these are not enough benefit, the clarity you get from not being distracted also affects your capacity for making better choices and sticking to priorities.

Mindfulness Can Connect Productivity To Purpose

Everybody knows that getting a lot of stuff done is not productivity if the stuff being done doesn’t matter.  Mindfulness offers concrete practices that stop your mind from going around in circles. It helps you become more focused on what is important to you and to your work. These are life-changing tools!

Mindfulness can also keep us in the game, by helping to prevent burnout. The last twenty years have seen research study after research study showing that mindfulness increases resiliency and one’s capacity to withstand stress in a dramatic way. Long-term practitioners have staggering more capacity to withstand stressors compared to those who do not practice.

In short, mindfulness helps you make better and more focused decisions, less at the mercy of your emotions and more in tune with your actual priorities. A distraction that previously would have hooked us into reacting, now can be relegated to the side on behalf of more important choices. This increases mastery at work, and with mastery, your personal satisfaction. It also liberates you from having to engage emotionally with everything.

Mindfulness is a great tool for those interested in staying productive and competitive and increasing their well-being. You can go to it to improve productivity, and it will provide you with wider benefits in well-being and life goals.

Give Mindfulness a Try!

Why not give it a try? I am offering an introductory mindfulness workshop where I will introduce a few simple mindfulness exercises you can incorporate into your schedule in easy and simple ways. It is my way to introduce my services, and one of the techniques I use to help people live in full. It is free!

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Ariel Blau has a formidable passion for helping his clients energize a joyful, loving and creative life. He has more than 30 years of experience helping people bloom. His formal education includes a Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University, a Master’s in Fine Arts from Brandeis University, and a great number of workshops, certificates and seminars. He has been studying mindfulness and how to bring compassion into the world for more than 15 years. His passion for helping others is matched by his enormous drive for continuous learning. Ariel completed his professional clinical training at Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital, and served as  Lead Clinician at the Jewish Family Service of Greater New Haven.

Ariel Blau brings a sense of active engagement, innovation, and imagination to his work as a catalyst for change, responding to the idea that every person’s life is a work in progress. He wakes every morning eager to do what he loves, full of energy and enthusiasm.


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