Metabolic Detoxification Program

Metabolic Detox

“There once was a time when I felt burnt out, exhausted and questioned what I was doing with the amazing life I had created.”

Metabolic overload can happen to anyone even if we have the best intentions. Ambition, love of life and an unstoppable work ethic can be the greatest gift. These gifts require a clear mind and abundant energy. My mission is to help you achieve them through the alignment of your health goals with your life goals.

Your health is an asset, not the price you are paying for your success. You are your greatest investment and you have the power to dramatically influence your performance.

Your body’s ability to burn fat, make energy and think brilliantly are all connected through your metabolism.  Metabolic flexibility depends on the optimal function of your liver and digestive tract.

 Ideal for anyone who:
  • Wants to shed the winter sluggishness.
  • Get energized and improve their mood focus and concentration.
  • Has had trouble losing weight. Especially those who have struggled with the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting.
  • Is looking for a jump start to lasting lifestyle change.
  • Is tired of blood sugar crashes, moodiness, pain, and fatigue.
Clinically Trusted
Water bottle with a side of leafy greens, a banana, a kiwi and an apple

This program has been designed by Dr. Erin Wiley and supported in her clinical practice for the past 11 years. The intention behind the metabolic detox is to provide short term intensive support to your liver, recover efficiencies in your metabolism and support optimal detoxification and elimination.

The program is generally 2-4 weeks long depending on your clinical assessment and comprised of a nutrient dense diet and supplementation program. The intention of this plan is to offer clarity to your nutrition choices. Maximizing nutrient density, while you work to remove stimulants and hormone-disrupting foods like alcohol and caffeine.

This plan can be flexible and with the support of our nutritionist can be modified to accommodate vegetarian, paleo and vegan diets. It is not an ideal plan for the ketogenic diet as the intention is to lower the triglyceride levels for a period of time allowing the liver to focus on recovery and lipid optimization. It is, however, often used as a liver preparation plan before initiation of a ketogenic diet.

Core Pillars:


Optimal sleep is essential to efficient metabolism. Your circadian rhythm influences the genes that turn on your metabolism. You will develop your sleep skills and learn to turn on this powerful resource.


Relaxation is extremely productive for detoxification and optimal metabolism. This is where you can engage your parasympathetic nervous system and get more internal re-set work done for your time and energy.


This program supports optimal bowel movements and elimination, which is essential for detoxification.


Movement is good for circulation, elimination, and metabolism. If you have been exercising before the plan most people can continue, however, we must ensure you are getting optimal recovery. Modifying the intensity of your exercise program may be required while you are going through the detoxification process. Rest assured that this is a short term jump-start to your metabolism that leads to improved access to energy and better exercise performance in just 2-4 weeks time.


A Bio Impedance analysis is completed at your initial assessment to determine your body composition, phase angle, and intracellular fluid percentage. These are the markers we intend to improve through the plan and are an indication of improved metabolic function.

Your blood pressure and waist circumference are also key performance indicators and markers of long term health promotion.

Many clients on our four-week plan additionally test their liver enzymes, cholesterol panel and HBAIC.

Appropriate individual testing will be recommended by Dr. Wiley.

Book a free 15-minute consult with Dr. Erin Wiley to understand if this program is right for you.

Clients are billed at each Naturopathic appointment and the extent of treatment depends on your individual assessment. This program is not sold as a package. 

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