Lost Your Libido?

February 24, 2014

terrazzo lounge vol.2 By Erin Wiley ND

Like your car keys, you may not remember the last time you saw your libido, or exactly where you left it, but when your libido is missing, you can’t get very far without it! Our sex drive is an important part of our overall health and well-being. For many of us, the stress and pressure of daily life can take its toll on our precious endocrine system and our hormonal balance.

Although you might not remember exactly when you lost your libido, you may be surprised at where you can find it. For centuries, many traditional practices have focused on improving hormone balance through the power of deep relaxation. Connecting the mind and body has a restorative effect on our endocrine system and can help rebuild your libido. Yoga, Meditation, Thai Chi, and Qi Gong provide practices and techniques that allow us to train our mind to transition into deep relaxation. In contrast, most of western society promotes the “adrenalin rush”. We are focused on how to get more done faster. The constant challenge to perform can be very demanding and can drain your libido. Our body and mind needs rest and recovery to maximize our potential, and more importantly, to prevent burn out! The key is to find the balance in both.

So where do we start when it comes to hormone balance? Your Naturopathic doctor can perform a detailed health history and analysis of your concerns that may include hormone testing. From there we can create a comprehensive treatment protocol to address your concerns. With the support of a healthy diet, optimal nutrition, and supplements that work to nourish your endocrine system, you may be surprised to find your libido and a whole lot more. So go ahead and look for your sex drive in the image of a still lake, or dim candle light, a sun salutation, or a calming deep breath. The power of small things cannot be taken for granted as we assess our daily doses of both stress and relaxation. Get the support of professional supplements and botanical medicines that restore imbalances and nourish your endocrine system. Talk to our Naturopathic team about how you can make a change today.


Dr. Erin Wiley is a naturopathic doctor with a strong focus on preventative and integrative medicine. She is the Co-founder and Clinic Director of the Integrative Health Institute, an integrative medical clinic located in downtown Toronto. Erin has a strong clinical emphasis on stress related illness, anxiety, depression and hormone balance. As a naturopathic doctor, Erin is passionate about working with people to help them better understand their health and achieve their health goals.





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