IV Vitamin Treatment for Athletes

July 27, 2018

Today’s world is demanding. We expect our body to perform. Foundational treatments provide long-standing results but take time to implement. Offering nutrient replacement via intravenous drip provides doses that can bypass the digestive system giving us results and the luxury of time to work on those foundational skills.

What is an IV Vitamin Treatment?

Introducing vitamins and minerals into your system via Intravenous Injections is intended to support energy and rehydrate cells.

What are the benefits of IV Vitamin treatment?

Intravenous administration of nutrients can achieve concentrations that may not be obtainable with oral, or even intramuscular (IM), administration. Allowing for these higher concentrations can achieve pharmacological effects. For example, some nutrients like magnesium may cause side effects such as diarrhea when taken orally at higher doses. Nutrients being taken orally may be subject to absorption restrictions and renal clearance[i] which an IV treatment can bypass.

IV nutrient therapy may be more effective than oral or IM treatment for correcting intracellular nutrient deficits since some nutrients are present at much higher concentrations in the cells than in the serum[ii].

Supporting your immune system can help prevent colds and illness prior to an event, keeping you in the game!

What nutrients go into an IV treatment?

You have options. IV treatments can be presented as a single ingredient or a cocktail of ingredients. These ingredients can be custom designed to suit your health and performance needs.

A common formula used for IV treatments is the Meyers. This cocktail includes magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins (including B12, B5, and B-6), B-Complex, selenium and vitamin C, and it has been found effective in improving athletic achievement.

Glutathione is often an IV treatment done as a single ingredient. Recent studies have shown a possible link between Glutathione and increased stamina. Glutathione is involved in the synthesis and repair of DNA, assists the recycling of vitamins C and E, blocks free radical damage, enhances the antioxidant activity of vitamin C, facilitates the transport of amino acids, and plays a critical role in detoxification[iii].

Amino Acids and other sport-specific nutrients can be added into work on mental focus, muscle repair and growth and cellular energy.:

How could IV Vitamin Therapy enhance my athletic performance?

Whether you are competing at a high level or committed to a regular exercise routine IV Vitamin Therapy works to improve performance by:

  • Strengthening the body
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Provide anti-inflammatory effects
  • Shorten the time it takes you to bounce back after exercise
  • Maintain a strong immune system post-exercise stress
  • Boost metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • Rehydrate cells
  • Top up levels of the minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes that can be depleted by strenuous exercise

Which is the best IV Vitamin Therapy to improve my athletic performance?

After assessing your symptoms, labs, and requirements, adjustments can be made to your formula making it specific to your needs.

What is required before I receive my treatment?

An initial intake is required before treatment can be administered to determine which ingredients are safe and effective for you.

A full blood work is required as well to ensure your safety, proper functioning of your kidneys and liver and address any other areas of deficiency. The labs required are a CBC with differential, urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, AST/ALT, ALK, Albumin, Bilirubin, G6PD. Labs specific to any conditions you may have may be suggested as well.

What are the side effects?

High dose intravenous vitamin C appears to be remarkably safe[iv] (for those that are not G6PD deficient).

Common side effects of The Myers’ Cocktail are it often produces a sensation of heat, particularly with large doses or rapid administration. Too rapid administration of magnesium can cause hypotension, which can lead to lightheadedness or even fainting. Patients receiving a Myers’ should report the onset of excessive heat so the IV can be adjusted accordingly[v]. Patients with kidney, liver and cardiovascular disease are prone to more side effects.

Does everyone qualify for IVIT?

No, not everyone should have IV therapy.

  •  In circumstances where it is unsafe for an IV to be infused, oral supplementation can be considered.
  • In circumstances when the same therapeutic goal can be achieved orally, the risk-benefit to the individual needs to be considered and oral therapy is recommended.
  • Some IV substances and methods of administration are prohibited according to the World Anit-Doping Agency. To view WADA guidelines click here.

How do I book my Athletic Performance IV Vitamin Treatment?

If you are interested in finding out if IV therapy is a viable option for your health, book your initial consultation today! Dr. Tanner offers Complimentary 15 minute consultations for you to see if you are a good match.

You can book by clicking here. Or calling the Integrative Health Institute 416.260.6038

Disclaimer The information provided is for informative purposes and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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Dr. Jennifer Tanner, has a broad, evidence-based practice with a focus on sports and performance-based medicine. Being a marathon runner and having been a competitive equestrian, an active lifestyle is important. Dr. Tanner uses a variety of tools including Acupuncture and Clinical Nutrition, putting an emphasis on “food as medicine” and addressing the root causes of inflammation. In conjunction with the Integrative Health team, Dr. Tanner is thrilled to help people achieve an optimal state of health and pursue their performance based health goals!

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