Is Sugar Hiding in Your Health Food?

November 21, 2016


By now it?s probably safe to assume you all know white sugar is far from a superfood, and should be avoided most of the time. So, here are five products labeled as ?health foods? that are secretly loaded with refined sugar!

1. Store bought smoothies: Smoothies sounds like a healthy choice, but often times they can be almost as bad as a milkshake. Store bought smoothies, for example from Booster Juice, are often made with sorbets and/or frozen yogurts – these are full of refined sugars and should be categorized as a dessert!

3. Granola bars: Granola Bars are often disguised as healthy but are usually just dressed up junk food. Most store bought granola bars are sweetened with refined sugar, or just as bad artificial sweeteners, and these are the main ingredients!.

2. Flavored yogurts: If you can tolerate dairy, organic yogurt may be a good snack option for you, but make sure to buy unsweetened! Typically, a 6-ounce container of plain yogurt has about 12 grams of naturally occurring sugar in the form of lactose. In a flavored yogurt, for example Yoplait Blueberry, that 6-ounce serving usually has about 28 grams – that?s 16 grams (4 teaspoons) of added sugar!

4. Salad dressings: In some salad dressings the first ingredient is refined sugar, for example in Brianna?s Homestyle Blosh Wine Vinaigrette. This dressing may seem healthy since it?s a vinaigrette, but in 2 tablespoons there is 3 teaspoons of refined sugar. Something else to watch for is fruit flavored vinaigrettes. Often they picture real fruit on the label but when you read the ingredients there?s no fruit, it?s flavored with sugar and artificial flavors.

5. Flavored oatmeal: This should be a health food, but flavored oatmeal?s are loaded with sugar. Most of these oatmeal?s have about 20 grams of sugar or more coming from refined sources – this is more than you should consume in an entire day!

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Aly is a Certified Nutrition Practitioner (CNP) who specializes in weight loss. Aly graduated top of her class from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and holds a BA from Western University. Aly’s warm and approachable demeanor empowers her clients to take control of their health. Aly believes that eating healthy isn’t about being perfect, it’s about having a plan you can stick to that gives you energy while allowing you to eat the foods you love. Aly believes that with the right tools and guidance you can make positive lifestyle changes to enjoy a happier and healthier life!

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