I’m Not A Vending Machine. You Deserve More Than A Cheap Snack.

May 01, 2017

I would like to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of the patients who have pushed me to be better and inspired me to look beyond.

Yet this is challenging as we are at an interesting time in our history. With unprecedented resources and technology to access information we have become very self-reliant in acquiring ‘expertise.’ As everything becomes more complicated with the speed of change and the pace of life, there is a false sense of knowledge that the smartphone bestows upon us that is causing us to make errors with a false sense of certainty. The instantaneous nature of our society makes us beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied with the speed of nearly everything, including our healing and recovery.

We all strive to be better and constantly evolving, but part of that process is getting rid of our thought viruses. As a chiropractor and clinician, I try to be malleable and not attached to a technique or a dogma, despite the pigeon-hole that is often associated with what a practitioner with my designation ‘should’ do.

One of the greatest achievements of evidence-based medicine is the knowledge that we achieve maximum outcomes if our interventions are biopsychosocial.

Simply stated:

You are not just your back pain, but rather, a sophisticated individual that is juggling more than you could ever imagine with the gravity of pressure that is physically and emotionally expensive to manage.

(P.S. You sit too much, as a result your glutes are not activated and you have a stiff ankle and a tight calf).

As you search for treatments, there will be many paths and many traps along the way, so be cognisant of the fact that quality care is not about chasing symptoms, but rather looking at the drivers of pain and dysfunction. I acknowledge that I may not know the whole answer but, as a patient-centric care-giver, it is my goal to provide the most appropriate care to the best of my current understanding.

Yet this is also a reminder to myself to not use other experts in my life as a vending machine. Unless it’s an organic, paleo vending machine with kale chips and perfect posture—and a dash of Tito’s vodka. ‘Cause that would be amazing.

Dr. Tabrizi is a chiropractor, osteopath and a passionate member of both the local and scientific community, whose goal is to teach that the pursuit of optimal health and wellness is much more than being symptom-free. His practice is rooted in the philosophy of treating the person rather than just treating the illness or ailment. As a result of his interdisciplinary training, Dr. Tabrizi has developed a neuroscience-based therapeutic education approach to treating his patients, focusing on healing illness from a wider perspective, placing equal responsibility on patient as well as practitioner. Dr. Tabrizi aims to educate his patients and provide them with the tools and framework needed to integrate pain management and healthy living into the fabric of their everyday lives.

This is what his clients have to say about his approach:

“After seeing Dr. Tabrizi I had almost immediate relief from my pain. After a terrible pregnancy, I have been struggling to walk with sore feet and imbalances in my core.

His suggestions for exercises are simple and easy to do, tailored to what I need, and have made an almost immediate difference in the way I walk and feel. I am standing up straight and learning to walk again!

He explains to me how to correct things in a way I can understand yet is based in scientific evidence. After my first visit, I left IHI with four simple exercises to practice at home. 

His approach to treatment is holistic, personalized, empathetic yet empowering. 

After my second treatment I felt incredible. I have seen so many doctors and felt like they were very disconnected with how I would feel after a treatment – that they just wanted to get their money and see me next time. Sometimes I would be in pain from the treatment, other times I wondered if it did anything at all.

Dr. Tabrizi listens and is giving me the tools to help heal myself.

By doing the simple exercises I have already seen a big difference in not only my body and have less pain but also positive effects in the way I view my injuries and a renewed hope in my ability to heal myself. “ ~ N. Stewart April 28, 2017

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