I Do Not Love Yoga – A Poem by Meghan Walsh

August 18, 2015


I DO NOT LOVE YOGA ~ A poem by Meghan Walsh, Yoga Therapist

I do not ‘Love’ yoga the way I Love a friend or a painting or a pet
Yoga is how I choose to heal and learn and grow and surrender and let go
I respect yoga, it’s tradition and philosophy
I honor yoga on my mat daily, when I want to or not
I study and practice asana, pranayama, meditation, yamas and niyamas (ethical offerings) and the sutras
I humble myself to yoga
I kneel in gratitude.

Sometimes I wake up full of vitality and the first thing to do is get on my mat
Other days, I resist and struggle and I do not want to look at what needs to be seen
I do not want to acknowledge or admit or own
Sometimes it is really hard
Sometimes I drag myself to my mat and move my body, or sit on my cushion and I listen to my thoughts
When I’m done I get up and I continue my life

And the yoga doesn’t stop when I step off the mat, or get up off of the cushion
I do things and talk to people and live my life and can’t help but notice my words, my tone, my body language, my breath
Because my practice opens my eyes and my ears
And I learn something every time

I do not practice yoga because I love it
I practice yoga because I choose to keep looking
I practice yoga to manage my pain, my stress
I practice yoga to open my heart and look at all beings as brothers and sisters
I practice yoga because it is empowering and healing
I practice because when I study the sutras I realize it is a practical manual that teaches how to recognize suffering and ignite contentment, joy, compassion
How to quiet the mind and walk with grounded feet
To use my words kindly and Lovingly
To keep my actions compassionate
To cut the bull shit and live open heartedly, courageously, and vulnerably.

I never know what or who I will find on the mat
I’m comforted by this not knowing.
I practice and begin again.


Meghan Walsh, BFA, Yoga Therapist

Meghan Walsh Headsot

Certified Yoga Therapist & Ayurvedic Practitioner

I began my journey with yoga as a teen, practicing classic hatha at a studio in downtown Toronto. I continued my practice recreationally, leading to my exploratory thesis in bio-ethics in my final year at OCAD University. I came to notice the strain and tension this work created on my body, as well as my emotions and mental faculties. Gradually I began to regard my practice as a form of self-therapy, a practice that truly got me through these challenges.

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