Heat Lovers Massage: Hot Stone Massage Therapy

December 02, 2013

By Christina Gouveia, RMT

As the cold wintery weather arrives, Hot Stone massage in combination with massage becomes a double hot commodity!  

What is it?
Basalt hot stone massage therapy is a traditional relaxation massage with the added bonus of warmed basalt stones!! This heat lovers massage treatment enhances the circulation and relaxation benefits of massage by using the hot stones as a local heat source on stiff, aching muscles and knots.  This direct source of heat helps loosen the knots, as if melting the stiffness away.  Clients have reported less post massage discomfort because of the specific heat source used.

What are Basalt Stones?

The basalt stones are volcanic lava rocks usually from South America which come from deep within the Earth’s core.  As lava pours down into the flowing river bed, chunks of lava are tumbled, rounded, smoothed and cooled by nature – not machines.  This process allows the stones to maintain their inherent electromagnetic field, lending a sense of relaxation and calm.

How are the Hot Stones used in my Massage?
The therapist will alternate between using their hands and the stones. Hot stone treatments can be used as full body relaxation treatments or as “spot” treatments for particularly stubborn knots. During massage, the soothing heat the stones emit as into the body increases circulation into the muscles and skin’s surface, decreasing nagging tension.

For a full body relaxation Hot Stone massage, it is suggested no less than a 60 minute treatment.  For a “spot” treatment 30-45 minutes is all it takes to get you hooked!

What temperature are the stones heated to?
The hot stones are heated to 100 degrees F in a hot water stone heater, cooled down for a second (literally) in cool water, then placed in sequence on the body with either a sheet or towel between the client and hot stones – never placed directly on the skin. Your therapist massages methodically, allowing the waves of warmth to flow with the massage.

Your therapist will regularly check in with you about the heat of the stones – the temperature takes a few seconds to be fully realized.  Too hot? We can cool it down.  Too cool? We will take a towel layer off or use a larger stone as larger stones hold their heat longer than small stones.

If you are interested in trying a hot stone massage, just let our friendly reception team know and they will book you in!

Christina Gouveia is a Registered Massage Therapist and graduate  of Sutherland-Chan Massage School and Teaching Clinic. Christina has a strong appreciation for alternative medicine and healing. Massage Therapy has always been a keen area of interest, which she is happy to transform into a  career. Christina has a strong interest in myofascial work, with a focus to scar tissue both surgical and injury related, orthopaedic testing, pregnancy massage, temporalmandubular dysfunction (TMD), deep tissue techniques and, of course, relaxation.She can be reached at: cgouveia@integrativehealthinstitute.ca

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