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January 01, 2013

Zumba Dance ClassBy Dr. Meghan Walker ND

The days are dark, the weather is wet, snowy, wet, balmy, cold, wet… confused and work has never been busier. January is an interesting time. In theory, we are motivated with new resolutions and goals for our health and lifestyle management, but more often than not, our environment provides a significant obstacle to getting the lifestyle changes underway. It is ironic that the thing we determine to be most critical to our success in life, our health, is usually the first thing to be chopped as we navigate the business of our daily living. If you have been sticking to your meal plan, getting to the gym and all-round rocking your resolutions, way to go! No doubt you are inspiring those around you by your example. Sticking to your health goals means internalizing your health and lifestyle choices as an extension of yourself. It means setting the example for your kids and colleagues about where you set your priorities. Your lifestyle predicates your health legacy. Just as you would set time aside to meet with your broker, your lawyer or your business coach, set the time aside to connect with your breath, your thoughts and frankly, your thighs. Exercise and movement have been shown to decrease the effects of, or chances of developing heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, depression and diabetes more than ANY single pharmaceutical. (If you know about our clinic, you likely suspected this already). You don’t need to hit the gym for hours each day to feel the impact of this effort. The benefits of movement are profound with even a baby-step approach.

Dr. Mike Evans of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto has created a brilliant 10-minute presentation that emphatically demonstrates the impact of movement. Identify a form of movement that inspires you and take one small step each day towards incorporating exercise into your life. Rise-up, get moving, let us help!

23.5 Hours – a 10-minute lesson that will change the way you think about exercise.

All the best for 2013

The Integrative Health Institute is located downtown Toronto at the corner of King and Sherbourne St. Check out more from Dr. Walker at her blog,

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