From Fatigue to 5km

Getting from fatigue to 5km

What is really holding you back from lacing up those running shoes?

Running offers a world of adventure, confidence building and self-discovery, and abundant energy.  If you are too tired, too overwhelmed, or too afraid to fail, and have no idea how you can fit running into your schedule? You do not have to manage this process alone.

What you need is a highly individualized health program that supports your goals and is more than just a map of your kilometres. Dr. Tanner’s methodology is different from the average couch to 5k running program.

Group programs and apps can be fantastic tools to get you motivated and build your endurance and fitness.  But there is one thing they are missing that we all need to accomplish our goals – Our Health.

Dr. Tanner’s methodology will bring your health to a place where you are Stronger Inside so you can run free of pain and avoid burnout.

From Fatigue to 5km is a FOUNDATIONAL PROGAM for new runners. 

I am Dr. Tanner and I am your movement motivator.  I will be your professional guide and help you move from fatigue to 5KM.  Through my experience as a Naturopathic Doctor, marathon athlete and mom of 3, I understand what it feels like to be totally overwhelmed by scheduling, frustrated by injury and fatigued from running my own business and balancing my busy family.

marthon athlete mom

Based on my 14 years of experience in the industry. I have created the ideal protocol for those suffering from exhaustion and overwhelm who are looking improve their energy levels, feel great and achieve their running goals.

Studies show that those who have support and accountability systems in place are more likely to finish what they start. Most running programs only focus on the running, my program is different because it focuses on the health factors you need put in place to breakdown the obstacles that are holding you back from lacing up those running shoes and getting out the door.

With your health in place, you can accomplish amazing things!

Dr. Tanner

Here is a sneak peek into our protocol:

Foundational Support

Nutrition, sleep and building your training and recovery schedule are the key to the success of anyone beginning a new training program.

My program will address the top 4 reasons why most online programs fail:

  1. The nutritional programming is generic and does not take into account your health history, health status or health needs. Our program will deliver a meal plan and supplement protocol that is unique to you.
  2. They do not address the quality of your sleep. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am uniquely suited to address this essential and often overlooked training requirement.
  3. They do not include a plan for “recovery”. Most online programs will have you overtraining and under-performing, a recipe for more fatigue and exhaustion. As a mother, I can tell you my recovery plan has been the key to success for myself and many other parents who want a consistent source of energy to have fun with their kids.
  4. Our plan adapts as you progress. Your nutritional requirements at the beginning of the program will not be the same as what is required when you are running 5 km on a regular basis.
Functional Testing

If you are tired, overwhelmed and completely frustrated by a medical system that does not understand that you have a problem even though your “lab work is normal” you are not alone.

Functional testing offers us the ability to identify the areas of your health that need support regardless of your diagnosis.

Our program will evaluate the following functional priorities for runners:

  • You stress response
  • Your digestive function
  • Your body composition

We may also test your thyroid, iron stores and markers of inflammation.

Additional testing including hormone metabolism is available for those who need it.

Mindset Coaching

My goal is to make you STRONGER INSIDE so you can crush your First 5k.  I truly feel free when I run and I freaking love it!  I have seen hundreds of people change their lives and you can too.  I am inspired by those brave enough to begin their transformation.

Your mindset matters.  You are setting examples and blazing the path for your children.  When we feel great, we can literally Run the world!

I’m ready to meet you. My goal is to support 50 women from fatigue to 5 km this spring. I want you to be one of them. My schedule is getting busy and your energy tank needs filling. So let’s book a complementary exploration call to see if the program is right for you.

Book a free 15-minute consult with Dr. Jennifer Tanner to understand if this program is right for you.

Clients are billed at each Naturopathic appointment and the extent of treatment depends on your individual assessment. This program is not sold as a package.

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