Dr. Wiley’s Burnout Guide

November 29, 2019

Burnout is the number one reason why most high performers leave the industry they love. You are too smart to settle for a medical system that waits until you are burnt out and depressed to take action. I know you have a vision for your life that is bigger than your to-do list. I want to take every opportunity to support your health so that you have the resources you truly need for success. This is your foundation.

6 Ways To Beat Burnout

1. Invest in sleep.

Without restorative sleep, you will go into energy debt and perform inefficiently.

With restorative sleep, you will make better decisions and be more effective with your time and energy.

Quick sleep check-list:
  • Stop eating two hours before bed
  • Set a wind down alarm on your phone for 30 – 60 minutes before your ideal bedtime.
  • Put the alarm on repeat so that it goes off every night to reinforce your goal.
  • When the alarm goes off, screens go off, lights go down, thermostat goes down.
  • Wind down. Maybe take a shower or read a book.
  • Remember: rest is productive, it’s time to get into bed.
  • Movement makes energy.

2. Move your body for 30 minutes per day to make the energy you need.

  • Start where you are and be careful not to over-exercise.
  • Schedule 30 minutes of movement 3-5 times a week. If that means simply walking or jogging, go for it. If that means doing yoga in your living room, get moving. If you have a gym membership, it’s time to use it.
  • Block it in your schedule because your schedule represents your priorities and making energy should be at the top of your list.
  • Use movement as an outlet for anger, frustration and resentment that can build when we near burnout.
  • It’s not about burning calories, it’s about building resilience.

3. Fuel your body with food that it can turn into energy.

Eat the green vegetables your body needs to make energy.

  • Fill ½ your plate with green and colourful vegetables at every meal. This is the easiest and most effective way to modify your diet. It does not need to be complicated, but it needs to be consistent to get results.
  • Consume a concentrated source of protein or healthy fat from plants with every meal to create a sustainable source of blood sugar for better regulation.
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates that offer quick energy ups followed by longer energy crashes.
  • If you are too tired to prepare or plan your food, skip the takeout and proactively order healthy meal delivery.

4. Avoid information overload and decision fatigue.

Your brain needs more energy. Don’t spend what you have on information, choices and decisions that are not a priority for you. Get clear on what matters most and get ruthless with your boundaries around information consumption.

  • TV and social media can be good entertainment and a nice distraction from the pain of life, but we spend way too much of our precious energy consuming when we cannot afford to consume. It’s time to curate our consciousness.

5. Break up with coffee and alcohol.

Are you in a dependent relationship? If you are serious about beating burnout you need to lean into your relationship with uppers and downers. I realize your relationship is complicated ,but the math behind the connection to energy adds up like this:

  • Using coffee for energy is like paying for productivity with your credit card. It might feel like easy energy at the time, but it has a high interest rate, and if you are borrowing more then you are making, eventually you will go into debt.
  • Using alcohol to manage stress is the same: it offers short-term relief with subsequent consequences like poor quality disturbed sleep and hormone imbalance that will set you back in your progress.

6. Talk to someone.

Burnout has an intimate connection to depression and can lead to mental health decline. Connecting with your peers, family members or a professional can help significantly.

Your biggest asset is your ability to perform at your best. You have invested in your education and your career. It is time to invest in your health, not only as an insurance policy against decline, but a performance enhancing opportunity.

I am here to help. If you are ready to tell your story, I am ready to listen and get you set up with a strategy for success.

Schedule a call today.

I believe your success story starts with great health.

I understand that you are on a mission, leading an industry, defining a culture, and making our world a better place. You have a vision for your life that includes success, freedom, creativity, and adventure. You are giving “your all” to realize your goals and your health is your greatest resource for achieving that purpose.

Health is not the price you need to pay for your success. You can “lean in” without letting go of your dreams.

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