Ditch the Disposable Project

May 04, 2016


ditch the disposable project

By: Yvette Marcek

When I see images of garbage floating around in our waters and piling up in landfills, I am moved to want to do something.  As part of a course that I’m taking, we are working on community projects.  I chose garbage.  My goal is to raise awareness about decreasing the amount of waste we produce.  Since that is such a huge topic, I have to start somewhere, and I was inspired by men’s disposable razors, because there is a great option.  GUYS (and their ladies) – if I told you that you could get a better shave, have a way cooler shaving ritual, save money AND reduce waste with one product, would you believe me?  Take it back to the old school and consider a double edge safety razor.  My guy switched last summer, and he couldn’t be happier.

If every man in the city of Toronto (about 1 million), throws 1 razor cartridge in the trash every month, that would make about 22 tons of waste (which almost fills up a 747) every year.  Our garbage from Toronto gets shipped out to London, and that landfill could be full by 2029.  Toronto’s waste management division manager, Jim Harnum reports that the city’s No. 1 waste-management priority is reducing overall garbage.  Switching from disposable razors will decrease plastic waste from the cartridges, razor handles and all the plastic packaging.  Sustainable solutions need action at every level, including with us consumers.

Ditch your disposable razor, reduce waste, and play a part in creating a healthy planet.  This is my intention, captured beautifully by Greenpeace:

ditch the







Interested? Contact me at ymarcek@integrativehealthinstitute.ca

Integrative-017-199x300Yvette Marcek is a Registered Massage Therapist, Pilates Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner; she often incorporates each of these modalities with her clients. Recognizing that each person who comes in the treatment room has unique requirements and goals, her priority is to create a therapeutic environment that is safe, healing, and positive.

Despite viewing laughter as the best form of medicine, Yvette sees the healing of massage therapy and touch as an international language, spoken without barriers and greatly benefiting anyone. She is particularly passionate about increasing body awareness, believing that consciousness of our physical body and the world around us is an integral part of maintaining our health and happiness.

You can email Yvette for more info on her Pilates classes, Reiki or her RMT practice here


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