Change: Can it Really be Simple?

September 14, 2015


Change: Can it really be simple?

Simple change—sounds almost paradoxical, doesn’t it? If change is simple, then why is there so much resistance to it? Even when we know the change would be positive, even when we know in our hearts it’s what’s best, there is resistance.

Lean into the resistance.

What’s holding you back?

Is it fear? Examine that fear. Look it in the face. We all have fear. Of failure. Of success. Of getting hurt. Of what others will think. Of our own awesomeness. It could be anything. It isn’t rational. Feel into the fear. Acknowledge its presence with love and compassion. Are you going to let it stop you?

Look at your patterns. As I have changed my treatment approach from traditional physiotherapy to myofascial release, I have had the opportunity through giving and receiving the work to look at the patterns of my own body and mind, to realize how they are interwoven, and to let go of some of those which no longer serve me.

I used to fear change. Every decision, no matter how small, felt monumental. I mistook comfort for contentment for a long time before I realized that I was not living a life that was true to myself. Once I woke up to that fact, I quit the job that I felt was keeping me small and moved to the place in the world that called to me. It didn’t happen overnight; life had to hit me over the head a few times before my desire to change could override my tendency to cling to security.

I look at my life now compared to two years ago and it looks completely different. While that in itself signifies growth to me, I now find myself left with the ways it still feels the same. I have always hoped that the next change would be the one that makes everything else fall into place. The reality is, it is usually just the next step. I’ve often found that disappointing, but have come to appreciate each step as part of the journey, and always worth taking. More change is necessary; but, despite some of the old, lingering trepidation, I have now seen enough change to know it is welcome.

Change can be scary. It is stepping outside of our comfort zone. It challenges our security; it can alter our beliefs and, sometimes, shift our reality. But, it is truly the only way to grow. You don’t always have to uproot your entire life, but you always have to change your mind.

Look at your life. Is it the life you want? Is it the life that is true to who you really are?

If you don’t like it, change it. In that sense, it’s simple.

By: Shannon Stoby, PT, MScPT

DSC00358Shannon is a Physical Therapist with an interest in helping her patients achieve holistic healing from whatever ails them and achieve optimum functioning in pursuing their passions.

Shannon graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Physical Education with distinction, and followed with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. She is licensed with the College of Physical Therapists of Ontario and is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Shannon has trained extensively in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR), and this is the focus of her practice. She has worked with patients with mental illness, has trained in women’s health treatment, and is a sports enthusiast; MFR allows her a means to assist with all of these issues in a meaningful way. She has also worked across the lifespan, with experience addressing the health concerns of older adults. Through her experience in work and in life, she has come to understand that there is more to healing than just the body. While physical health is paramount, the roles of the mind and the soul in health and healing are of equal importance.

Shannon is excited for the opportunity to work with the talented team at IHI, and looks forward to working with you, in wherever the journey may lead.





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