Breast Massage: What You Need to Know

October 09, 2013

massageBy Amanda Mroz RMT

Breast massage plays an important role in breast health and is a therapeutic treatment within the scope of practice of Registered Massage Therapists that encourages circulation and lymphatic drainage.  Sadly, our society’s general attitude towards breast massage is still very much ‘oh, that sounds intimate.’  Well, it’s not.

It’s high time more women knew about the benefits of breast massage.  Breasts are sensitive body parts, and sadly many women are uncomfortable discussing the health of this part of themselves with their family doctors, never mind their massage therapists.  As a society, we tend to see breasts as purely sexual, and because of this any touch associated with breast tissue is often seen through that lens.

So what is breast tissue and why is breast massage awesome?

Very simply put, breasts are made up of glandular tissue and fat, with ligaments that hold it all together.  Circulation of the breast tissue is regulated by the lymphatic system (the lymph system is a network of vessels that regulate fluid movement in the body).  Proper circulation is very important for breast health – without it we can get tenderness, swelling, and over time, the build-up of toxins that can lead to cysts.

There are many ways the fluid regulation of breast tissue can become unbalanced.  This includes ill-fitting bras, hormonal fluctuations, excessive tension in the pectoral muscles, and scar tissue.

 Breast massage is an excellent way to promote healthy breast tissue:

The techniques are very gentle and relaxing, and it encourages circulation and lymphatic drainage.

  • It decreases breast swelling and tenderness from hormonal fluctuations (from PMS, menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding).
  • Regular breast massage can reduce the incidence of cysts in breast tissue, and can be helpful in the early detection of potentially cancerous growths.
  • It can also be very helpful for women going through a breast cancer journey – it can help women reconnect with their bodies and reduces swelling and pain associated with scar tissue from breast surgery.

As a society, we still have a long way to go before breast massage becomes a mainstream part of massage therapy, and being able to talk about breast health is the first step. If you’re a woman who’s concerned about your breast health, why not start a conversation with your RMT?

Interested in learning more about breast massage? Join RMT’s Amanda Mroz and Christina Gouveia for one of their two seminars. You can sign up for Saturday, October 26th here or Thursday, October 31st here.

Amanda Mroz is a Registered Massage Therapist at the Integrative Health Institute.  Her technique combines an extensive knowledge of the body with an intuition that allows her hands to feel what the clients’ tissue needs. Amanda enjoys working with a variety of clients. If you have pain, stress, postural concerns, musculoskeletal issues, or scar tissue, Amanda would love to be a part of your path to wellness.

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