Brainfullness Experiment

The Brainfullness Guide to Essential Self-Care

A 4-week virtual workshop series helping you to move better so you can think better and feel better.

Self-care is crucial in these unprecedented times, and this series will help equip you with strategies and give you real-time application of tools you can use to manage your stress response.

Each week we will focus on a particular area of the body, incorporating nuanced movement that you can do in your own home.

The sessions will be about an hour and will be delivered via the same Zoom.

Weekly Workshop Breakdown

Week One: What’s Goin’ On?

Headaches and Jaw
In a time of increased worry and uncertainty, with fewer outlets through activity and socialization, headaches and jaw tension can be flared up.
Join Thursday May 28th at 7pm to learn what to do about it.

Week Two: Carrying the Pandemic Stress

Neck and Shoulders
Commonly known for carrying stress and being areas of poor posture, necks and shoulders may be feeling tense right now.
Join Thursday June 4 at 7pm to learn how to unload some tension.

Week Three: An Oldie but a Goodie

Low Back and Hips
How we are sitting, our level of activity, and the ways we are loading our bodies will all influence how our backs and hips are feeling.
Join Thursday June 11th at 7pm to learn and apply some new strategies.

Week Four: Grounding Ourselves

Knees and Feet
How we carry ourselves in our gait and our balance can be impacting the state of our bodies and how we connect with our environment.
Join Thursday June 18th at 7pm to take some corrective steps.

Looking forward to connecting online to help you take care of you.

Dr. Tabrizi is a chiropractor, osteopath and a passionate member of both the local and scientific community, whose goal is to teach that the pursuit of optimal health and wellness is much more than being symptom-free. His practice is rooted in the philosophy of treating the person rather than just treating the illness or ailment. As a result of his interdisciplinary training, Dr. Tabrizi has developed a neuroscience-based therapeutic education approach to treating his patients, focusing on healing illness from a wider perspective, placing equal responsibility on patient as well as practitioner. Dr. Tabrizi aims to educate his patients and provide them with the tools and framework needed to integrate pain management and healthy living into the fabric of their everyday lives.

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