Anti-Aging Medicine Is Not a Pill You Can Take, It’s a Hormone You Can Make!

October 22, 2012

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By Dr. Erin Wiley ND

We all want the best medicine: a medicine that is designed to help us feel better, look younger, and function to our fullest potential. The great news is that this type of medicine is not a pill you can take, but a hormone you can make. Growth hormone is the anti-aging hormone! Growth hormone is responsible for cellular reproduction and regeneration. Optimal growth hormone production means healthier skin, stronger bones, improved memory and concentration, improved strength, increased muscle mass, and healthy weight loss. With a few simple lifestyle changes, it is easy to optimize your body’s production of growth hormone:


1. Go to bed earlier: The more hours of sleep you get before midnight the more growth hormone you will produce. Part of getting to sleep earlier includes keeping that Blackberry or iPad out of the bedroom!

2. Sleep in a dark room: Even the smallest amount of light stimulation can suppress melatonin production, which regulates growth hormone. Try “black out” curtains or wear an organic cotton eye mask.

3. Sleep in a cool room: Lowering your body temperature will improve the quality of your sleep and increase growth hormone production. Lower your thermostat at night or take a warm bath or shower before bed. Yes, a warm shower will actually lower your core body temperature!

4. Skip the bedtime snack: High blood sugar levels will suppress growth hormone production. Eat your last meal 2-3 hours before bed. Focus on eating protein, vegetables and healthy fat, thus limiting your carbohydrate intake for better blood sugar regulation and growth hormone production.

5. Exercise: Not only will exercise improve your sleep, but exercise, especially strength and resistance training, significantly increases growth hormone production. Strength training for 30 minutes 2-3 days a week is all it takes to build a younger, healthier body!

Not getting enough sleep? Talk to the Naturopathic Doctors at IHI about optimizing your hormone balance.

Dr. Erin Wiley is a Naturopathic Doctor, Clinic Director and Co-Founder of the Integrative Health Institute. Dr. Wiley has a special interest in digestive health, endocrinology and hormone balance with a clinical focus on fertility, menopause, anxiety, depression, healthy weight loss, detoxification and environmental medicine. Dr. Wiley practices downtown Toronto at the corner of King and Sherbourne St.

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4 Responses to “Anti-Aging Medicine Is Not a Pill You Can Take, It’s a Hormone You Can Make!”

  1. Very informative article post.Really thank you! Great.

  2. eebest8 says:

    It as not that I want to replicate your web page, but I really like the design. Could you tell me which style are you using? Or was it tailor made?

  3. SageW says:

    I agree with the lifestyle change! A year ago I lack all of those and I felt 40 when I was only actually 30. When I decided on the lifestyle change, sleeping as much as I can and exercising regularly, I was able to get my health back So we should know better than taking those hormone pills

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