6 Reasons to See a Holistic Nutritionist

October 10, 2016

Holistic Nutrition

1. Nutrition and lifestyle changes have a huge impact on your overall health and well-being. Through making positive nutrition changes you can expect more restful sleeps, improved mood, weight loss, increased energy and so much more!

2. You?re unique and your time is precious: There is plenty of great nutrition advice on the internet, in books, on TV etc. but everyone is different and food reacts differently in everyone?s body. A nutritionist will go through your complete history: food, stress, family diseases, injuries, allergies, etc. and will apply their findings to a personal plan that suits you.

3. Inspiration, motivation and less stress: A Nutritionist is there as your personal cheerleader or to give you a little kick in the butt, depending on what you need. They also help make your choices simple and easy to follow, putting an end to paralysis by analysis.

4. Root cause: For many health concerns, food can be your most powerful resource. A nutritionist can get to the root cause of your low energy, weight issues, skin issues, etc. Instead of focusing your energy on surviving you can focus your energy on thriving.

5. Make food fun again: Meals should be fun and exciting. Get recipes for meals that are healthy, quick, delicious and nutrient dense! Seriously loving food is awesome!

6. Sustainable results: I know from experience, quick fixes and fad diets don?t work in the long run! Seeing a Holistic Nutritionist you can expect to form new habits and lifestyle changes that will yield results that last a lifetime.

Aly ShoomLet’s see if we will make a great team? Book your free 15- minute consultation here. Bring your questions and concerns and see if she?s the right match for you!

Aly is a Certified Nutrition Practitioner (CNP) who specializes in weight loss. Aly graduated top of her class from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and holds a BA from Western University. Aly’s warm and approachable demeanor empowers her clients to take control of their health.  Aly believes that eating healthy isn’t about being perfect, it’s about having a plan you can stick to that gives you energy while allowing you to eat the foods you love. Aly believes that with the right tools and guidance you can make positive lifestyle changes to enjoy a happier and healthier life!

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