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Welcome to Integrative Health Institute

IHI is one of downtown Toronto’s leading integrative health clinics, located in the historic King East neighbourhood. We believe that great health enables empowered authentic living. Our team of experienced practitioners are dedicated to listening to you, understanding your needs and providing you with the comprehensive health resources you need to succeed.

The most powerful influence on your health is YOU. Join us and let’s discover your health potential.

What’s new in clinic?

We won two years in a row!

We work with some amazing people and we are thrilled to celebrate their success. Dr. Jen Newell is a Naturopathic Doctor and Skin Health Authority. She helps women overcome acne and other skin disorders, hormonal imbalances and digestive concerns to achieve a clear, radiant complexion. But what she is most passionate about is supporting women to reclaim their inner glow and to live their healthiest and happiest life.

Congratulations Dr. Newell!

Kaitlyn Baptist RSW – New Counsellor at IHI

Kaitlyn is committed to working collaboratively in service of your unique needs, symptoms, and treatment goals. Whether you want to break free from the chains of anxiety and depression, develop health coping strategies and self-compassion, or deepen your mind/body connection. Book a meet and greet today!

Online Counselling Now Available with Lauren Berger MSW

This new service allows you to participate in your counselling whether you’re stuck at the office, unable to commit to the travel time, or feeling under the weather. Your mental health is so important and accommodating your needs and wishes is our goal. Book an appointment


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy with Kate Roddy PT

Kate is offering more than physiotherapy treatment, she’s leading a woman’s health revolution. From owning your orgasm to the freedom to exercise without peeing your pants. Kate offers a powerful vision for the care women should expect after having a baby or after abdominal surgery. Learn more.

IV Therapy is now available through online booking!

Monday Morning Motivation! (8 am – 11 am) – Start the week off right and power your way to success.

Tuesday power lunch! (11 am – 2pm) –  Load up with some additional micronutrients to keep you energized!

Fuel up Friday! (9am – 11am) – End your week on a high note and start your weekend recovery early.

Click here to book your next session.

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46 Sherbourne Street at King Street
Second Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2P7

email: info@integrativehealthinstitute.ca

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